No Reflection



My first book (No Reflection) is available across the internet!

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If you’re not convinced, here are some glowing reviews:

“This high-stakes paranormal thriller grabs attention from the first page to the unexpected end.  Blood, gore, and mutilation in the repugnant underworld of New York City put an anxious woman in the throes of a life-or-death investigation–a chase that may lead to her own demise in this terrifying urban fantasy.  An action packed, paranormal thriller teetering on the brink of madness…” — Julia Ann Charpentier, Clarion Foreword

“[No Reflection] was definitely a different sort of read for me because, while I read a lot of paranormal literature, this was one of the few books that truly focused (like a laser beam…) on the grotesque nature of all things evil. There was blood, guts, dirt, and whatever else one might find in the tunnels beneath NYC. It was explained in such fine detail that I could feel the filth under my nails and found myself choking at the smell. As someone who has never really lived in a city (and would have no idea of these intricacies), I really appreciate Hughes’ ability to put me in the space.” — Aeryn Dougan, ACReads

“…Hughes did it well. I could feel Nicole’s terror as she faced these events without knowing why she was targeted…or even by whom. The violation of her personal everything was perfectly crafted.” — Jason Crawford, Beyond the Curtain of Reality

No Reflection is a bloodcurdling, urban, sci-fi horror that will surely grab its readers from the moment they begin reading and won’t let go until they are fully lost in the highly-indulging storyline. Spencer Rhys Hughes has done a remarkable job when it comes to penning down a debut this great. With relatable characters, placed in the very modern settings of New York City, the author has scripted a dynamic supernatural suspense.” — Serious Reading Magazine

“…Spencer Hughes has done a brilliant job not only with bringing these vibrant, unique characters to life, but also melding reality with the supernatural.” — Arthur, A Note from the Voices in My Head

And some reviews from fellow readers:

“When I began reading No Reflection, I didn’t know the book’s genre or content. Consequently, during the first few chapters of the story, I became so horrified that I wanted throw the book out the window to erase the grotesque images imprinted on my mind. At the same time, I had an insatiable desire to keep reading.” — Rebecca Heineman, on

“Mr. Hughes writing style brings the reader along to that mental precipice. The expression of Nicole’s terror and confusion saturates the narrative and the reader cannot help but spiral with her.” — Joseph, on

“Hughes paints his environments with strong detail without being overbearing. The reader is given a clear path to follow but allowed to fill in the minute details for himself. In contrast, he takes full control over tension-filled scenes to embellish feelings of dread and helplessness. The story really comes alive when Nicole and others are (frequently) in danger.” — Matt Mingle, on

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book in that, I can’t bear to look yet, I can’t look away away, can’t wait to get to the end, yet don’t want it to end, and how soon will the sequel hit the shelves way. The characters are well developed, quirky, and believable. The scenes are vividly described engaging all of one’s senses in a terrifying way.” — AMcQ, on