No Grave


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No Grave takes place about one year after the events of No Reflection, with our primary protagonist Nicole DuPond sucked into a new, life-altering mystery, all the while still struggling with the fallout of the previous year’s madness…not to mention the continuing presence of Keiran, a supernatural stalker always lurking for her in the shadows.

At the same time, the book introduces two new characters: Tristan Wallace, vampire hunter and AA graduate, and Cyrus LeSage, bar manager, aspiring actor, and once-witch.

Tristan has found himself on a new hunt, hot on the trail of what looks to be a vampire clan but soon turns out to be something much darker.  As skeletons erupt from his closet and his old habits finally catch up to him, Tristan pushes on against impossible odds to fight a foe he’s not sure he can beat…

Meanwhile, Cyrus’ past demons come in a much different variety…and when It comes to claim Cyrus’ debt, It doesn’t do so quietly.  Before he knows what he’s signed up for, Cyrus finds himself in a sleepless race against time, battling against his own history in a fight for his life.

As their three storylines intertwine and diverge, great powers work their gears…and it becomes clear that there’s more on the line than anyone suspected, that they’ve all been drawn into a game they never knew they were playing.

And what happens if they lose?


Reviews from fellow readers:

“The writer and his style have matured greatly and made for an even better reading experience. The book is longer and has more intricately woven plots (and sub-plots). And, as in the prior book, his descriptive language is exceptional. You really feel a part of the scene as it is described to you.” — from Angie49 on

“This follow-up for Hughes’ first novel, No Reflection, really shows how much he has grown as a writer and a storyteller…
…At 436 pages to No Reflection’s 218, it is definitely more of an investment but man, is it worth it.” — from J. M. Henkels on

“Mr. Hughes is able to craft compelling, realistic characters that all have their own glorious facets which intrigued me right off the bat…
…Besides the characters, Mr. Hughes weaves the seemingly separate plots of his characters into an intricate fabric that was a joy to read. He scared me whenever possible, made me chuckle when I needed it and even made me care at the romantic moments. I look forward to reading whatever this author puts out next…” — from bellisant corcoran-mathe on

“The beautiful imagery he paints almost makes you feel exactly the same as all the characters, and you feel as though you’re standing in the scenery.” — from Filipa Fernandes on

“This one is much expanded upon from the first in this series, No Reflection. His writing has come a long way! Though I miss the straight up horror aspect of the first, the magical/mythical/mystical world is extremely well developed and the characters much more thought out in this one.” — from Sarah, on