Maps! (Map of Oceanrest)

While writing No Reflection and No Grave (almost done, guys, I swear), I never had much use for any kind of reference map.  I live in the city they’re set in.  If I need specific details that I can’t recall (say, at Coney Island, for instance, ahem, hint hint) I can jump on Google Maps and walk their little dude-dad around the streets for reference.  I have spent time in these places and I can draw on those experiences.  PS: Coney Island is pretty unpleasant in the fall.  I shot two different films there, both during late-September and early-October, and let me tell you…what looks golden and sunkissed in the summer can be gray, sludge-like, and rancid in the autumn…

Back on topic, though: I don’t need a map to work on those books.  I live here.  Details are easy to find.  There are MTA maps in every subway car.

Doing worldbuilding stuff for Oceanrest, however…places characters in an entirely fictional town (in Maine), and I thought it would behoove me to draw up a map.  And fill the map with landmarks and story ideas so that I’d have plenty to write about.

Since I haven’t posted lately (working on No Grave very intently, drawing the map, jotting down character/plot ideas, etc…), I thought the least I could do would be to share this map with you.  It’s even hand-written (in pen, with cross-outs) because I don’t know how to make fancy computer maps.

Take a look!:


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