About Spencer

Spencer Rhys Hughes published his first novel (No Reflection) in June, 2013.  He’s written several short stories (primarily horror/sci-fi/supernatural), as well as non-fiction essays available throughout the internet.  He’s currently involved in several concurrent projects and looks forward to having you read them, shortly.  For sample writing, check out the blog category corresponding to your interests (flash fiction, reviews, essays, etc…)

As an actor, he’s been featured in several SAG-AFTRA short films (Camp Belvidere, I Larp You) and webseries (Wildcats!), and has been featured in several stage productions over the years, both Shakespearean (Winter’s Tale, King Lear, Romeo & Juliet) and modern (Similarities, The Runner Stumbles, The Academy).

He lives in New York City, which he perceives as a place of both incredible light and irrefutable darkness.  His hometown is Rochester, NY, a place where the sky above the city is always the color of a television tuned to a dead channel (Neuromancer, William Gibson.)